St Teresa’s Catholic Church

Newbury Park. Ilford. Essex. IG2 7JA

Registered Charity No 234092


The Choir contributes significantly to music at the 10.30 am Sunday Mass and other special occasions on request. Enthusiasm is more important than a perfect voice. Singers and musicians are always welcome.

Contact: Fr Matthew

If you need to contact someone in respect of one of the following groups then please telephone or email the Parish Office at the Presbytery and they will pass on your message on to the relevant group contact.

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Parish Groups

Church Cleaning

There are a number of Teams dedicated either to looking after the small linen or to keeping the  interior of the Church clean. But more volunteers are always most welcome.

Contacts: Parish Office (General Cleaning).  Gladys Dorr (Small Linen)

Flower Group

The Church is supported by a very loyal group of parishioners but anyone who has an interest in flower arranging or who would like to develop their skills in this area are always welcome.

Contact: Parish Office  

Prayer Group

Contact: Parish Office

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC)

Contact:  Ron Endean

Social & Fund Raising

Contact:  Jane McParland

Knights of St Columba (KSC)

The Knights of St Columba Council 983 St Teresa's, was inaugurated on the 2 October 2016. It comprises 6 brothers at present, but is always looking for more members to join. KSC began in Glasgow Scotland in 1919; the name is in honour of St Columba, a Christian missionary from Ireland who helped to introduce Christianity to Northern Britain. KSC was formed to support the mission and doctrine of the Catholic Church and at the same time to work for the spiritual and the material good of its members and their families. The Order follows the social teachings of the Catholic Church and works for the moral and social welfare of our communities and in particular to help the development of young people. Its members, more than 4,000 in over 300 councils across England, Scotland and Wales, strive to do this through Charity Unity and Fraternity. Membership is limited to Practicing Catholic men 16 or older.

Contact: Michael Ness

Legion of Mary

The Legion was founded in Dublin Ireland in September 1921 by Frank Duff. It is a lay Catholic organisation, whose members have weekly meetings where prayer and the Rosary are interspersed with reports and discussions. The object of the Legion is active co-operation in the work of Our Lady and the Church and to be of service to the Parish. It meets  every Tuesday at 7.30 pm in the Pastoral Centre.

Contact: Wilma Lewandowsky

Parish Council

The Parish Council exists to help the Parish Priest carry out his pastoral ministry to the  Parish Community. It is to help him identify, understand, and respond to the spiritual needs of parishioners.  At regular intervals Parishioners will be given the opportunity to offer their services  as members of the Council.
Contact:  Jane McParland

St Teresa’s Ladies Guild

Contact: Parish Office

Contact:  Jane McParland